About Us

Why Call4HK?

We can't promise to succeed, but we promise we will never fail to try. 

Together, we believe each of our voices could be heard, that would eventually lead to the "liberation of Hong Kong".

Believing in the power of people to make a difference, grassroot Hongkonger organisations joined forces to develop Call4HK. Call4HK sets out to create tools empowering supporters of Hong Kong to engage their members of Congress. From talking points on the most recent update for members of congress, to daily action kits with slideshows and flyers, we provide constituents with resources to communicate with policymakers that it is in America's interest to concern about what has been happening in Hong Kong.

Whether calling on your own or reaching out as a group, we want your voice to be heard. Pro-democracy Hongkongers rely on you to voice out for them in America. Stand with us, Call4HK today!

For enquiries/User feedback, please contact us via our Twitter.

Partners' List

洛杉磯香港論壇 Hong Kong Forum, Los Angeles
NorCal HK Club - 北加州香港會
波士頓香港人權組織 Hong Kong Social Action Movements in Boston
LV4HK - Las Vegas Stands with Hong Kong
We The Hongkongers
Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.
Lion Rock Café | NYC
Hong Kong Dossier 香港侯多事 | TX
DC4HK - Washingtonians Supporting Hong Kong
Lamp of Liberty | WA & OR
San Francisco Hong Kongers bot - 三藩市香港人公海bot
芝援香港 Global Solidarity with Hong Kong - Chicago
Hong Kongers in San Diego